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long time no post. officially, i am no longer a shanahan student. my graduation was june 2nd, and surprisingly, it went beautifully. the ceremony was almost painless (except, I know those girls wearing those horrible white stilettos were in mucho paino). it was much shorter than i imagined it would be. it seemed as if as soon as we processed into the pavillion at villanova, we were returning to the gym to find our homeroom teachers and our actual diplomas. i'm actually kind of glad it's over, but i feel that the time slipped away from me. did i really spend enough time with the right friends, the right people? i'll never really be sure. i just know that the friends i have, i don't want to lose touch. some of them will evaporate from my life, but others will be my bridal party, my treasures, my partners in crime.

the week after graduation was senior week, so we packed my saab full of stuff. i was a little afraid we were going to get pulled over at a checkpoint and have to put all of our crap back into my car. ocean city was fun.. the weather was horrible and friends battled friends. sure, it was a lot of togetherness. but, i think it was a lot of fun. i even got to meet my roommate. west virginia's going to be a lot of fun this fall. i'm really looking forward to it.

since senior week ended, i've just pretty much been wandering in a dimension of boredom and nothingness. it's my usual summer problem. i've tried to get a job, but nobody wants to hire someone without retail experience. mostly, my activities during the day include couch sitting and mtv watching. i know, i know. it's pretty sad. i'm actually to the point where i'm a "next" and "made" junkie. hopefully, i'll be able to send my resume in for a local magazine .. okay, maybe it's not that local. but, it's something to do and it's something i want to do.

anyway, happy fourth of july! even though i could be less patriotic, it's nice to finally have a grill again!
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