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guess who got to see project runway last night!!! i saw all of the last couple episodes that i've missed because our dorm doesn't get bravo! my friend katie from my floor invited me and a couple of my friends to go over her house and watch it. i can't even tell you how excited i was to see angela's ugly butt get kicked off! yesss! but, i was sad that i had to watch robert leave... i teared up at that point. i'm sorry but he wasn't trying to be boring.. he was trying to flatter the mom's form, or lackthereof!!
so, i also saw the new episode! let me tell you. i'm sorry, but now jeffrey's got to go. i hate him. i hate his stuff. that dress was fugly. sorry. it wasn't a flattering color and NO ONE would ever wear that. i don't care what those dumbass judges said either, i hearted kayne's dress. but my favorite was definitely uli. it's SO hard to have a favorite this season.
who i'm dying to see win: uli or michael.
who i just really like in general: kayne.
who i just want to kill: jeffrey. ergh.
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