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names survey

Movie Star Name: name of favorite snack food and grandfather’s first name
Snickerdoodle Earl ... horrible!

Fashion Designer Name: first word you see on the left and favorite residence
Dasani Westchester

Exotic Foreigner Alias: favorite spice and last foreign vacation spot
Cinnamon London

Socialite Alias: silliest childhood nickname and town where you last partied
Blanca Morgantown

Icon Alias: something sweet within sight and any liquid in your kitchen
Strawberry Pepsi

Detective Alias:favorite baby animal and high school
Kitty Shanahan

Soap Opera Alias: middle name and street where you first lived
Amanda Cheyney

Rock Star Alias: favorite candy and last name of a cute musician
Buttercream Dylan

Star Wars Name: first 2 letters of your first name and the first three letters from
Your last name and the first 2 letters of your mothers maiden name and the
First three letters of the city you were born in
Habur Brphi .. definitely interesting
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