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the question is.. if you could marry any rockstar who would it be?

well, i had a hard time with this one. while i am currently dating the chubby redhead of my dreams, i seriously had to answer this question. jakob dylan? while this answer was tempting, i decided against it. keith richards? ew no, that's just nasty (he's probably a robot anyway!). mick jagger? no, everyone's tapped that.. plus, i'm not into chickens. as you can see, there was much pondering that went into this. i finally decided on bono.

reason #1: he's a musician. sorry, mario .. orchestra bells are hot and all.. but, bono even writes music. i'm a writer, so i genuinely like other writers.

reason #2: he's irish. i'm sorry, i'm a girl. i like accents. especially irish accents.

reason #3:he's passionate. i like a man with a little drive in life. especially a passionate drive.

reason #4: he's like the irish buddah. he seems to be completely wise. could be because he's kind of old, but that's okay. i've always liked older guys.

reason #5: he has someone in his band named "the edge" .. that's just neat.

reason #6: he's really smart. i heard a speech he gave at a college graduation. the man knows what he's talking about.

reason #7: he's a philanthropist. if he's that charitable with a whole continent of people he doesn't even know, how do you think he would treat his girlfriend?

reason #8: i'm a sucker for eighties' music and U2 is the epitome of eighties' music.

THIS IS HYPOTHETICAL SITUATION. i have a boyfriend. and he's not bono. and i'm more than fine with that.
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